Defender 2000

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Defender 2000
Atari Jaguar Defender 2000 box art.jpeg
Designer(s) Jeff Minter
Series Defender series
Platform(s) Atari Jaguar
Release date(s) February 1995
Genre(s) shooter
Mode(s) 1-2 players

Defender 2000 is an updated remake of Eugene Jarvis's 1983 classic arcade game developed for the Atari Jaguar in 1995 by Jeff Minter.


The original 1980 Defender arcade game was one of Williams Electronics first video arcade machines,[1] and was later ported to the Atari 2600 [2]


Programmer Jeff Minter, who had success with Tempest 2000 for Jaguar the previous year, wanted very much to take a crack at Atari's upcoming Defender project. After developing the Virtual Light Machine music lightsynth for the Atari Jaguar CD player,[3][clarification needed]

2000 Gameplay[edit]

The game contains 3 modes of gameplay (Defender Classic, Defender Plus, and Defender 2000), as well 2 hidden mini-games: Flossie's Revenge & Plasma Pong.

Defender Classic[edit]

Defender Classic is, aside from a few small imperfections, a clone of the original arcade game.[4] The player flies a spaceship across a horizontally scrolling landscape, protecting humanoids on a planet from alien abduction.

Defender Plus[edit]

Defender Plus takes the classic and adds new enemies to fight and more powerful weapons to destroy them.

Defender 2000 (Mode)[edit]

Defender 2000 adds still more enemies, 100 levels of play, power-up icons, bonus stages, more ways to counterattack the aliens, and allows advanced players to skip the early stages and start on higher levels.[5]


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