Defenders of Dynatron City

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Defenders of Dynatron City
Defenders of Dynatron City Cover.jpg
Cover art
Developer(s)Lucasfilm Games
Designer(s)Gary Winnick
Composer(s)George Sanger, David Warhol
  • NA: July 1992

Defenders of Dynatron City is a video game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System by JVC and Lucasfilm Games (later, LucasArts) in August 1992.[1] The designer of the game was Gary Winnick.[2] This was Winnick's first project as sole designer. He was previously the co-designer of Maniac Mansion, alongside Ron Gilbert.


The game centers on a team of superheroes who protect a futuristic metropolis from Dr. Mayhem and his robotic henchmen. The Defenders are:

  • Ms. Megawatt (voiced by Whoopi Goldberg in the animated special), who can generate electrical energies.
  • Jet Headstrong (voiced by Pat Fraley in the animated special), who can fire his head like a rocket.
  • Buzzsaw Girl (voiced by Candi Milo in the animated special), who has a buzzsaw blade instead of legs and feet.
  • Toolbox (voiced by David Coburn in the animated special), a robot with a smashing hammer head and a litany of useful tool options he can use in combat.
  • Monkey Kid (voiced by Brian Stokes Mitchell in the animated special), a blue monkey armed with exploding bananas and leader of the team.
  • Radium Dog, who can fly and has jaws strong enough to pick up cars with his mouth.

Critical response[edit]

The game won praise in its preproduction by many video game magazines for the creation of an original superhero team. However, when the game was released it was widely panned by video game critics for, among other things, having a notoriously poor hit detection that required extremely precise aim for attacks to hit enemies. [3][citation needed]

TV special[edit]

The game was adapted into an animated pilot by DIC Animation City.[4][5] It featured the voices of Whoopi Goldberg and Tim Curry. Originally, Doctor Mayhem was voiced by Christopher Walken. Steve Purcell recalled, "It was lively and hilarious. For god-knows-what-reason, the producers at the last minute replaced him with a more cartooney voice."[6] Fox Kids aired this pilot as a special on February 22, 1992. It failed to be picked up as a series and was subsequently released on VHS.[7][8] No DVD or digital video release has surfaced as of yet.


Marvel Comics released six issues of a comic book adaptation, written by Steve Purcell. The first issue was released in February 1992.[9]


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