Defending the Undefendable

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Defending the Undefendable
Walter Block - Defending the Undefendable.jpeg
Author Walter Block
Country United States
Language English
Subject moral philosophy, political economy
Publisher Fleet Press
Publication date
1976; 2008 Mises Institute edition
Media type Paperback
Pages 256
ISBN 9781933550176
OCLC 248638106
LC Class HB95 .B58

Defending the Undefendable is a book by Walter Block originally published in 1976.[1] Marcus Epstein describes the book as defending "pimps, drug dealers, blackmailers, corrupt policemen, and loan sharks as 'economic heroes'."[2] It has been translated into ten foreign languages.[3]

Cable news pundit John Stossel said of it, "Defending the Undefendable... opened my eyes to the beauties of libertarianism. It explains that so much of what is assumed to be evil – is not."[4] In 2011, writing that economics "illuminates what common sense overlooks", Stossel called the book "eye-opening" and detailed its contents.[5]


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