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Defense or defence may refer to:

Tactical, martial, and political acts or groups[edit]

  • Defense (military), forces primarily intended for warfare
  • Civil defense, the organizing of civilians to deal with enemy attacks
  • Defense industry, industry which manufactures and sells weapons and military technology
  • Self-defense, the use of force to defend oneself
  • Haganah (Hebrew for "The Defence"), a paramilitary organization in British Palestine
  • National security, security of a nation state, its citizens, economy, and institutions, as a duty of government
    • Defence diplomacy, pursuit of foreign policy objectives through the peaceful employment of defence resources
    • Ministry of Defence or Department of Defense, part of government which regulates the armed forces
    • Defence minister, cabinet position in charge of a Ministry of Defense
  • International security, measures taken by states and international organizations to ensure mutual survival and safety



  • Defense (legal), an attempt to avoid criminal or civil liability
  • Defence of property, argument that a defendant should not be held liable for any loss caused while acting to protect their property
  • Right of self-defense, the right for people to use reasonable force to defend themselves


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