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Defense Systems
Joint stock company
Industry Defence industry
Founded January 23, 1996
Products Air defense systems

JSC Defense systems is a Russian-Belarusian air defense system manufacturer.[1]


The company was formed on January 23, 1996 as a joint venture under a Russia-Belarus intergovernmental agreement. It consists of 38 subsidiaries in both countries.[1] The company focuses on upgrading S-125 (SA-3) SAM systems to the modern Pechora-2M and Pechora-2A variants, and on the production of S-300PMU air defense systems.[2]

In addition, JSC Defense Systems produces the Phoenix optronic round-scan target detection system, and the P-18 and Kama–N radars. The company also provides a wide range of services for foreign customers on maintenance and repair of ADMS means both in Russia and on the territory of the customer.[3]

The company currently produces about 15-17 Pechora-2M systems each year. Some Russian media sources have reported that the portfolio of 2009-2011 export orders for Pechora-2M and Pechora-2A SAM systems totaled 200 units, including 70 for Egypt.[1]



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