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Defense Travel System (DTS) is a fully integrated, electronic, end-to-end travel management system that automates temporary duty travel (TDY) for the United States Department of Defense. It allows travelers to create authorizations (TDY travel orders), prepare reservations, receive approvals, generate travel vouchers, and direct deposit payment to themselves and the government charge card vendor, all via a single web portal that is continuously available. The Business Transformation Agency has program oversight and the Defense Travel Management Office, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness has functional oversight.

DTS benefits are claimed to include:

  • Rapid creation of travel authorizations and vouchers
  • Automated approval process
  • Personalized on-line reservations & itinerary changes for airline, lodging, and rental cars
  • Detailed pre-travel entitlement computations
  • Direct deposit and split disbursements to both traveler and the government travel charge card vendor
  • Timely payment of travel claims
  • 24/7 availability via a single web portal
  • Reduced transaction costs[citation needed]

DTS disadvantages claimed by users include:

  • System built in failure to return your travel voucher a minimum of one time.[citation needed]
  • Government travel credit card may not be paid on time causing possible credit issues.
  • System causes confusion among military/government members and occasionally costs the member money.
  • System relies on the military/government employees to understand the system instead of local travel representatives.[citation needed]
  • Built in "Red Flags" you need to be an military travel representative to answer.[citation needed]
  • Users consider system "one of the worse travel systems ever created."[citation needed]

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Encryption is used (the DBsign software package with HTTPS), with combined Common Access Card and PIN logins to authenticate users.

Customer support[edit]

Travel Assistance Center (TAC)

The TAC provides continuous travel assistance to the Defense travel community before, during, and after official travel. A team of analysts are trained to answer questions on a range of travel-related topics including DTS, DoD travel card, travel policy, commercial travel services and programs, and allowances and entitlements.

Travel Explorer

Travel Explorer (TraX) is claimed to be a user-friendly web solution that offers a centralized source of travel information. TraX functions as an extension on the TAC and allows users to submit a call center ticket, track the progress of open tickets while TAC representatives conduct research, or search and review responses to previously submitted questions. Users are encouraged to explore the self-help features for instant access to hundreds of frequently asked questions, as well as discover the training opportunities and trip planning tools. Users must register for a TraX account through the Defense Travel Management Office's portal.

Training resources[edit]

The Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO) provides a set of resources for Military Services and Defense Agencies to conduct Defense travel training for all users and administrators. Training resources include:

Training is available in the following formats:

  • Web-based Training – Provides self-paced, on demand instruction from the user's desktop
  • Distance Learning – Offers an interactive environment using a combination of PowerPoint presentations and live demonstrations taught through the a live instructor
  • Demonstrations – Offers online simulations of DTS functions such as creating a voucher or authorization

Instructor Resources
Resources and tools specifically designed for instructors or DTAs that can be used to enhance instruction of training courses

  • Courseware - Instructor materials, available for both classroom and Distance Learning modules, are conveniently formatted for formal classroom or web-conferencing presentations. Classroom materials include instructor and student guides, and supporting PowerPoint demonstrations. Distance Learning materials include an instructor guide and a supporting PowerPoint demonstration. Instructor guides can be used as-is or customized to meet training needs
  • Enterprise Web-based Training System (EWTS) - Online practice tool that mirrors the live (production) DTS software. Participants can use EWTS to create and edit mock travel documents, build test organizations or routing lists, and more.[citation needed]

Reference Materials

  • Resources including manuals, quick references, guides and information papers that support travel training.

Travel training resources are available through Travel Explorer (TraX).