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This article is about the comedy album by Eddie Izzard. For the grammatical term, see article (grammar).
Definite Article
Video by Eddie Izzard
Released 21 October 1996
Recorded Shaftesbury Theatre, London, United Kingdom
Genre Stand-up comedy
Length 109 minutes
Label Vision Video
Director Ed Bye
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Definite Article

Definite Article is the title of British comedian Eddie Izzard's 1996 performance released on VHS. It was recorded on different nights at the Shaftesbury Theatre. Both recordings cover topics such as The Italian Job, Pavlov's dogs and European languages.


At the beginning of the show, Eddie arrives on stage through a huge book which opens to reveal him sitting at the top of a staircase. The backdrop then closes and from then on the background changes at various intervals with words from selected literature projected onto the pages of the huge book. The chosen selections are:

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