Defteri Agapi

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Defteri Agapi
Studio album by Natasa Theodoridou
Released September 1998
Recorded 1998, Argyriou Recording
Genre Modern Laika
Label Sony Music Greece/Columbia
Natasa Theodoridou chronology
Natasa Theodoridou
(1997)Natasa Theodoridou1997
Defteri Agapi
Tha Miliso Me T'Asteria
(2000)Tha Miliso Me T'Asteria2000
Singles from Defteri Agapi
  1. "Pou Perpatas"
    Released: September 1998
  2. "Aharisti Kardia"
    Released: February 1999
  3. "Peripou"
    Released: May 1999

Defteri Agapi (Second love) is an album by popular Greek artist Natasa Theodoridou, released in 1998 by Sony Music Greece.[1] It is one of Natasa's best selling albums. It went platinum, over-passing the number of 80,000 sales.[2] In the album's liner there are notes from Natasa Theodoridou and Yannis Doulamis.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Pou Perpatas" (Stepping)
  2. "Defteri Agapi" (Second love)
  3. "Ipokatastato" (Substitute)
  4. "Aharisti Kardia" (Bad heart)
  5. "Ti Tha Haso An Se Haso" (What will I lose if I lose you)
  6. "Peripou" (About)
  7. "Edeka Para" (Almost Eleven o'clock)
  8. "Sosto I Lathos" (True or false)
  9. "Otan Mia Gineka Theli" (When a woman wants)
  10. "Den Thelo Tetious Filous" (I don't want those friends) (duet with Pashalis Terzis)
  11. "Nyhta Se Gnorisa" (Night I met you)
  12. "Kane Kati"(Do something)
  13. "Den Tha Mini Tipota Orthio" (Nothing will remain standing)
  14. "Egklima Kardias" (Heart crime)
  15. "Paraloga" (Unreasonable)
  16. "Ti Girevo Ego M'Aftous" (What do I want from them)

Credits and personnel[edit]

Credits adapted from the album's liner notes.[3]