List of Defunct Greek Umbrella Organizations

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This is a list of defunct national Greek umbrella councils for Greek lettered organizations.

Interfraternity Conference[edit]

  • Interfraternity Conference (IFC) - Organized in 1909. Changed its name to National Interfraternity Conference in 1931.
  • National Interfraternity Conference (NIC) - Created in 1931 from the renaming of the Interfraternity Conference. Changed its name to North-American Interfraternity Conference in 1999 in order to reflect the organization's Canadian membership.
  • Fraternity Leadership Association (FLA) - Organized in 2002 by two fraternities that withdraw their membership in NIC due to a disenchantment with the strategic direction of the organization. They were joined by four other fraternities, which kept dual membership in NIC. Eventually, it dissolved.

Education sororities[edit]

  • Association of Pedagogical Sororities (APS) - Organized in 1915. Changed its name to Association of Educational Sororities at its third biennial conference.
  • Association of Education Sororities (AES) - Created from the renaming of the Association of Pedagogical Sororities. Later, the word "Educational" was changed to "Education". In 1947, AES dissolved and its member organizations became Associate members of the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC), attaining Full membership four years later in 1951.

Professional fraternitities[edit]

Ethnic fraternities[edit]