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Degenia velebitica
Velebitska degenija kamenjar 080509.jpg
Degenia velebitica
Scientific classification
D. velebitica
Binomial name
Degenia velebitica
(Degen) Hayek

Degenia is a monotypic plant genus in the mustard family containing the single species Degenia velebitica (Croatian: velebitska degenija). The yellow-flowered plant is endemic to Velebit and Kapela mountain ranges, and has become a symbol of the region.

Discovered by Dr. Árpád Degen on 17 July 1917,[1] the Degenia velebitica is depicted on the reverse of the Croatian 50 lipa coin, minted since 1993.[2]

Degenia velebitica depicted on the coat of arms of the Lika-Senj County, Croatia, the area it is endemic to.


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