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Degtyarev plant
Native name
ОАО «Завод им. В. А. Дегтярёва»
Industry Mechanical engineering
Founded August 27, 1916 (1916-08-27)
Headquarters Kovrov, Vladimir Oblast, Russia
Products Small arms, RPGs, anti-tank missiles, MPADS rockets
Brands Voskhod
Revenue RUB12 054 million[1] (2012)
Increase RUB2046 million (2012)
Number of employees
10 269[2] (2012)
Parent High Precision Systems[3] (Rostec)

The Degtyarev plant (officially the Open Joint Stock Company "V. A. Degtyarev Plant", Russian: ОАО Завод имени В. А. Дегтярёва, commonly abbreviated as ЗиД (ZiD), English: ОАО Zаvоd imeni V. А. Dеgtyarevа) is one of the most important weapon-producing enterprises of Russia.


Founded in Kovrov in 1917, the firearms plant has been supplying Russian and Soviet armed forces with weapons ever since. Weapons such as the Degtyarev anti-tank rifle (PTRD), the Degtyarev infantry machine gun (DP-28), the Shpagin submachine gun (PPSh-41) and the Goryunov heavy machine gun (SG-43 Goryunov) were created at the plant.


ZiD-50-Pilot moped

Presently the Degtyarev plant is producing revolvers, machine guns, aircraft guns, anti-aircraft guns, anti-tank guns and rocket systems.


The plant also makes a range of civilian products: motorcycles (i.e. Voskhod), mopeds, micro-tractors, sewing machines and accumulator batteries.


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