Deh Gholaman, Badakhshan

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Deh Gholaman
Deh Gholāmān
Deh Gholaman is located in Afghanistan
Deh Gholaman
Deh Gholaman
Location in Afghanistan
Coordinates: 36°57′0″N 73°7′0″E / 36.95000°N 73.11667°E / 36.95000; 73.11667Coordinates: 36°57′0″N 73°7′0″E / 36.95000°N 73.11667°E / 36.95000; 73.11667
Country  Afghanistan
Province Badakhshan Province
Time zone + 4.30

Deh Gholaman is a village in Badakhshan Province in north-eastern Afghanistan[1] on the Wakhan River, roughly 20 miles west of Baroghil.[2]

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