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Dehwar (Balochi: بلوچ ‎‎) is a Baloch tribe inhabiting Balochistan, Pakistan. The tribe is settled primarily in Kalat, Khuzdar, Mastung, Kharan, Washuk, Noshki, Dalbandin, Tando Allahyar, Sindh, and Pakistan. The principal clans into which the tribe is divided are the Khawajakhail, Yusafzai, Dodaki, Sanjarzai, Tooranzai, Halazai, Mandozai, Hamduni, Dadezai and Tajik Raiskhel. Leader of each tribe is called Malik/Sardar/Arbab. They are pure Baloch comprising many different tribes with one Nawab or Arbab being from the Khawaja Khail tribe of Mastung while several Maliks and Rais appointed from their respective localities. They are mainly Land Lords of Mastung and Kalat regions. The Dehwars of Kalat supported the Ahmedzai tribe and offered them the Kingship (which at the time was a Mirwani Baloch fighter with a small army) to establish the Baloch empire in 16th century by fighting with the Hindu king of Kalat namely Sewah raam (Kalat, comprising a half proportion of Hindus and half Muslim population, were mainly Dehwars who often indulged in quarrels and fights). Kalat state was once annexed by Chakar khan Rind who destroyed the Jadgals and killed Amir Jalib Jadgal and controlled the state. Khan's wife who was from Khawaja Khail tribe took her son took refuge at her home land in Mastung and when his son reached his adulthood with the help of Khawaja Khails' and support from some other Baloch tribes attacked Kalat and regained their lost dominion placed the Khan again to its position. Dehwars were often in key and high positions in Kalat State and were respected by all the Baloch tribes. They lived inside the cities and had their own farming unlike the brahvi speaking baloch tribes who mainly lived in the mountains and travelled to hot regions during the winters towards Sindh mainly unlike the Dehwar's preferred to live at their homes even during harsh winters. Malik Faiz Muhammad Dehwar, Malik Saeed Dehwar are some of the educated and renowned personalities of that era who started the Baloch cause initially in Mastung by forming Anjuman i ittihad e Balochistan struggling for its freedom from foreign hands during 1930's and even suffered confinement. A large population of Dehwar tribe is in Kalat Mastung Sistan ( Iran) va Balochistan. The word comes from Dehs, which are collective “mud” houses used in the area which was not common with the downtrodden inhabitants living in these regions. Dehwars being the influential ones ruled their dominions. as.s .[1][full citation needed][2][full citation needed]


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