Deja Vu (1990 film)

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Déjà Vu
Deja Vu (1990 film).jpg
Directed byJuliusz Machulski
Written byAlexander Borodyansky, Juliusz Machulski
StarringJerzy Stuhr
Galina Petrova
Nikolai Karachentsov
Release date
April 18, 1990 (Poland) July 1, 1990 (USSR)
Running time
104 minutes
LanguageRussian, English

Déjà Vu is a 1990 Soviet-Polish comedy thriller that takes place in Soviet Odessa in 1925 and spoofs a variety of gangster films.


The plot takes place in 1925. One of Chicago mobsters Mik Nich (born as Mikita Nichiporuk) flees to Soviet Odessa to escape the revenge of other mobsters. Mob leaders send the best hit-man Johnny Polak to Odessa. The killer disguises himself as an American entomology professor who wants to visit the grave of his father in Odessa.

In search of his victim, Polak gets into the most unbelievable situations arising from the peculiarities of the city of Odessa, as well as from mad historical era. Being the first passenger of the ship voyage New York City-Odessa, he is assigned to be accompanied by the Komsomol guide Glushko and is besieged by pioneers and journalists. Jumping from the train and hitting his head, Polak forgets what he is actually doing there (retrograde amnesia), and tries to live up to his cover as an honest professor. Nichiporuk, in turn, learns about the arrival of the killer and is trying to kill him. Polak experiences several periods of regain and loss of memory (a periodical Déjà vu) while trying to track down Nichiporuk. Finally, Nichiporuk is arrested by Soviet authorities on an unrelated charge and sent to jail. Polak, having lost the rest of his sanity, ends up in a mental hospital.

Cultural references[edit]

At one point, as Pollack chases Nechyporuk through the city, both accidentally take part in the filming of the famous Odessa Steps sequence from Battleship Potemkin.


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