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Dekh Kabira Roya is a 1957 Bollywood romantic comedy film, directed by Amiya Chakravarty.

Plot summary[edit]

This Bollywood classic is a farcical comedy about the vicissitudes of modern love. Mohan (Anoop Kumar), Pradeep (Daljit), and Ranjeet (Jawahar Kaul) are three struggling artists—singer, painter, and writer, respectively—who live together in the same rooming house. Romantic hijinks ensue when the trio meet three lovely girls, Geeta (Ameeta), Rekha (Anita Guha), and Kalpana (Shubha Khote), with very specific ideas about art and love.[1] The three male friends decide to help each other out by using their talents, and utter and hilarious chaos reigns.[2]


Anita Guha as Rekha

Anoop Kumar as Mohan

Jawahar Kaul as Pradeep

Ameeta as Geeta

Daljeet as Ranjeet

Shubha Khote as Kalpana

Shivraj as Rekha's Father

Parveen Paul as Geeta's Mother

Sunder as the coffee house waiter who plays a central role in disentangling the situation


Director: Amiya Chakrabarty

Editor: C. Ramarao

Writer: Chandrakant, Amiya Chakrabarty, Manoranjan Ghose

Producer: Amiya Chakrabarty

Music: Madan Mohan

Cinematographer: Ajit Kumar [3]


The music of this film was composed by Madan Mohan. The songs were penned by Rajendra Krishan. The following is a list of songs featured in this film.

Song Singer(s) Lyricists Music Director
"Lagan Tose Lagi Balma" Lata Mangeshkar Rajendra Krishan Madan Mohan
"Meri Veena Tum Bin Roye" Lata Mangeshkar Rajendra Krishan Madan Mohan
"Hum Panchhi Mastaane" Lata Mangeshkar Geeta Dutt & Seeta Rajendra Krishan Madan Mohan
"Humse Aaya Na Gaya" Talat Mahmood Rajendra Krishan Madan Mohan
"Tum Meri Raakho Laaj Hari" Sudha Malhotra Rajendra Krishan Madan Mohan
"Tu Pyar Kare Ya Thukraye" Lata Mangeshkar Rajendra Krishan Madan Mohan
"Ashqon Se Teri Humne" Asha Bhosle Rajendra Krishan Madan Mohan
"Hum Bulate Hi Rahe" Asha Bhosle & Mohammad Rafi Rajendra Krishan Madan Mohan
"Bairan Ho Gayi Rain" Manna Dey Rajendra Krishan Madan Mohan
"Kaun Aaya, Mere Man Ke Dwaare" Manna Dey Rajendra Krishan Madan Mohan


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