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Arborist MD Vaden in the winter of 2008, standing next to Del Norte Titan during a visit to photograph, measure and document the tree.

Del Norte Titan is the name of a coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) tree in Del Norte County, Northern California, that was confirmed by measuring to be at least 23.7 feet (7.2 m) in diameter at breast height (DBH, measured 4.5 feet or 1.4 metres above soil grade), and 307 feet (94 m) tall. Measured by Stephen Sillett, it ranks as the world's fifth largest coast redwood. One source recognizes it as the largest based on a single-stem measurement.[1] But the source's recognition pre-dates a 2014 discovery in the redwood parks that is larger. Lost Monarch in the same park, is actually larger with more wood volume than Del Norte Titan, if basal stems are included. The fourth largest coastal redwood is in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park called Iluvatar.

Del Norte Titan was discovered in 1998 along with other giant coast redwoods in the Grove of Titans. The grove (unofficially named) is located in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park. The tree is estimated to contain 37,200 cubic feet (1,050 m3) of wood. Some information about the grove was published by Richard Preston.[2]

One source, an arborist, confirms that Del Norte Titan is part of the Grove of Titans due to proximity; correlating with a similar statement written by tree researcher Robert Van Pelt.[3]

The Del Norte Titan is near other large Coast Redwoods, including some known as the largest of the species named: Lost Monarch, El Viejo del Norte, Screaming Titans, Eärendil and Elwing, and Stalagmight. "It grows a few meters across Mill Creek from the Lost Monarch".[4]


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