Delacombe Town Centre

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Aerial view, August 2017

Delacombe Town Centre (DTC) is a shopping centre located at the south-western edge of Delacombe, Ballarat. It is located on the corner of Cherry Flat Rd and the Glenelg Hwy.[1] The first tenants are Woolworths and Kmart.[2]

It was designed by i2c,[3] constructed by H. Troon and is being leased by Colliers International.[4] The first stage of development was valued at 40 million dollars.[3] The centre opened on Thursday 31 August 2017, with celebrations occurring on the 2nd of September.[5]

It is projected to include 35+ specialty stores on 16,150 m2.[4] The Route 25 bus will near the centre at the Glenelg Hwy/Wiltshire Lane (Delacombe) stop.[6]


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