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GenresDance, Madchester, rock
Years active1997–?
LabelsGo Beat
MembersCass Browne
Morgan Nicholls
Des Murphy
Brian Pearce

Delakota were an English alternative dance band from the late 1990s. The band mixed elements of Madchester, retro-rock, and modern dance music[1] to produce a sound which was often compared to Primal Scream.[citation needed][2]

The band were formed by ex members of the Senseless Things, Cass Browne and Morgan Nicholls with Des Murphy (ex-Wasteland, Los Bastardos and Genius Freak) in 1997. The band's first product was a white label demo single, "C'mon Cincinnati". A remix for David Holmes and their next single "The Rock" bought them to the attention of the British music press. The band were also noted for an unusual gig in a cave and for an appearance on BBC Two's Newsnight.

The band played some support slots including a tour with Embrace, and a place on the NME new bands tour in 1998. Their debut album, One Love, was released in 1998 to generally positive reviews. After the release of the album the band went quiet and have not been heard from since, save for one further single, "Got It Like That". It is presumed that the band has split up. As of 2004 Nicholls was playing keyboards in The Streets and Browne was playing drums for Gorillaz.

In 2008, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin claimed that Delakota's "The Rock" gave them inspiration for "Strawberry Swing".[3][4]




  • One Love (21 September 1998)[5] UK #58[6]


  • "The Rock" (July 1998) UK #60[6]
  • "C'mon Cincinnati" - featuring Rose Smith (September 1998) UK #55[6]
  • "555" (February 1999) UK #42[6]
  • "Got It Like That" (August 2000) UK #111[6]


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