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Delamain is a producer of Cognac based in Jarnac, France. Delamain was founded by James Delamain who was born in Dublin Ireland and married to Isaac Ranson´s daughter Marie Ranson 24 November 1762. After his death in May 1800 the firm fell apart, in 1924 his grandsons Anne-Phililippe Delamain and his cousins of the Roullet family reestablished the name as Roullet & Delamain as a producer of Cognac. The company does not produce any VS or VSOP grade cognac, instead its entry level offer is already a 25-year-old XO (Pale & Dry).



  • Pale & Dry X.O. Aged 25 years
  • Vesper Aged 35 years
  • Extra. Older than Vesper
  • Tres Vénérable. Aged 55 years
  • Reserve de la Famille. 43% vol. This is produced from a single barrel and from a single estate. This is Delamain's highest range product.

Limited editions

  • Millésimes (Vintage) Cognacs. This is a cognac from a single year. Aged 30 years.
  • Le voyage de Delamain. Limited to 500 unit worldwide.


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