Delancey Street Preview Center

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Delancey Street Preview Center
New York area - Universal Studios Florida.JPG
Delancey Street
Universal Studios Florida
Area New York City
Coordinates 28°28′36.54″N 81°28′7.56″W / 28.4768167°N 81.4687667°W / 28.4768167; -81.4687667Coordinates: 28°28′36.54″N 81°28′7.56″W / 28.4768167°N 81.4687667°W / 28.4768167; -81.4687667
Status Operating
Opening date 2006 (2006)
General statistics
Attraction type Interactive attraction
Theme Universal Studios productions
Duration 15:00

Delancey Street Preview Center is an attraction located at Universal Studios Florida. It is seasonal, and is an interactive attraction allowing park guests to preview an upcoming Universal Studios' Film or television show.


The attraction is located in the New York City area of the park, and opened in Spring, 2006 next to The Blues Brothers Live attraction. It allows visitors to preview an upcoming Universal TV program or film by sitting in front of individual computer monitors equipped with headphones. This allows the Universal company to receive feedback from a wide range of sources.


  • Previously, before the attraction opened, the building was used for storage.
  • The attraction is seasonal, and only operates during peak seasons much like the Fear Factor Live and Mel's Drive-In Concert attractions.

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