Delaware Corporate and Commercial Litigation Blog

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The Delaware Corporate and Commercial Litigation Blog
Type of site
Available inEnglish
Created byFrancis G.X. Pileggi[1]
LaunchedApril 2005
Current statusonline

The Delaware Corporate and Commercial Litigation Blog serves as a free public resource for the latest developments in Delaware corporate and commercial law by providing summaries of key corporate and commercial court decisions from the Delaware Court of Chancery and Delaware Supreme Court. In addition to links to the actual opinions of the court, it provides links to commentary by leading scholars from around the United States on Delaware corporate law and alternative business entities.

This law blog is listed on the Harvard Law School Corporate Governance blog on their blogroll.[2] Its reports have been mentioned several times by The Wall Street Journal online[3] as one of the top national daily law blog stories. It was selected as a "top blog" by LexisNexis.[4]

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