Delaware Republican primary, 2008

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Delaware Republican primary, 2008
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Nominee John McCain Mitt Romney Mike Huckabee
Party Republican Republican Republican
Home state Arizona Massachusetts Arkansas
Popular vote 22,628 16,344 7,706
Percentage 45.04% 32.53% 15.34%

Delaware Republican primary, 2008.png
Results by county.
John McCain

The Delaware Republican primary, 2008 was held on February 5 (Super Tuesday). A total of 18 delegates were selected. The Delaware Republican Party rallied behind John McCain, and was the declared winner of the primary election after successfully taking all three Delaware counties. McCain was followed by Mitt Romney in second and then by Mike Huckabee in third.


Candidates Rudy Giuliani, Duncan Hunter, Fred Thompson, and Tom Tancredo had dropped out of the presidential race before the Delaware primary.


100% of precincts reporting[1][2]
Candidate Votes Percentage Delegates
John McCain 22,628 45.04% 18
Mitt Romney 16,344 32.53% 0
Mike Huckabee 7,706 15.34% 0
Ron Paul 2,131 4.24% 0
Rudy Giuliani* 1,255 2.5% 0
Tom Tancredo* 175 0.35% 0
Total 50,237 100% 18

*Candidate withdrew before primary


McCain was the expected favorite in the 2008 primary among the Republican candidates; his campaign was led by Delaware's only House representative, Rep. Michael N. Castle.

In Delaware, 27,412 of the 102, 455 registered Republicans voted in the election, resulting in a 26.76 percent turn-out rate.

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