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Lend Lease Communities
(trading as Lend Lease)
IndustryReal estate development
Founded1958 (Adelaide)
HeadquartersSydney, Australia
Key people
Toni Milis (Head)
ProductsMaster Planned Communities
Residential Built Form
Town Centres
Private Finance Initiatives
Sales & Leasing
Revenuesee Lend Lease Corporation
Number of employees
Circa 400 (2008)
SubsidiariesLend Lease Residential
Lend Lease Communities Town Centres
Lend Lease Realty
Lend Lease Property Management

Lend Lease Communities (trading as Lend Lease, formerly Delfin Lend Lease) is the arm of property and infrastructure company Lend Lease Corporation that is responsible for building new urban residential developments.


Originally named Delfin, the company was established as a 'Development Finance' (Del-fin) arm of the now ANZ Bank.

After separating from ANZ, Delfin Property Group was acquired by Lend Lease Corporation in 2001 for $172 million (AUD). Upon acquisition, Delfin Property Group was de-listed and became Delfin Lend Lease, a subsidiary company of Lend Lease Corporation.[1]

As part of corporate restructures in 2009, it was announced that previously separate business units would be merged into an entity known as 'one Lend Lease'. While the announcement of 'one Lend Lease' was based on business structural changes, each business unit retained the individual branding entities.

It is thought this re-structure announcement, and the resultant automatic role demotions of the business unit CEOs, resulted in the resignation of Delfin Lend Lease's then CEO David Keir.[2]

On 17 February 2011, Lend Lease Corporation announced a rationalisation of its brands in order in increase recognition of the Lend Lease name. Some of the group's brands were immediately renamed,[3] however as Lend Lease's primary consumer business, Delfin did not.[4] On 9 September 2011, Delfin Lend Lease officially transitioned to Lend Lease Communities, or Lend Lease for short.[5]


The company operates across Australia. In all states, Lend Lease's Communities Business develops large, master-planned communities. The company runs additional businesses[6] in certain markets. This includes built form, town centres, construction and finance, depending on the size and location of each community.[7]

Over its 50-year history, Lend Lease Communities has developed a number of communities throughout Australia with a high level of backlog land.[8] These communities include:

New South Wales


  • Forest Gardens, Cairns (current)[14]
  • Riverside Gardens, Townsville (completed 2009)
  • Forest Lake, Queensland, Brisbane (completed 2004)
  • Hyatt Coolum, Sunshine Coast (current)[15]
  • Twin Waters, Sunshine Coast (completed 2009)
  • North Shore, Sunshine Coast (completed 2006)
  • The Rocky Springs Project, Townsville (upcoming)[16]
  • Springfield Lakes, Ipswich (current)[17]
  • Vantage at Springfield Central (upcoming - apartments)[18]
  • Spring Mountain, Ipswich (upcoming)
  • Ripley Valley, Ipswich (upcoming) joint venture with Sekisui
  • Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast (current)[19]
  • Woodlands, Brisbane (current)[20]
  • Yarrabilba, Brisbane (upcoming)[21]
  • Fernbrooke Ridge, Redbank Plains (current)[22]
  • Logan Reserve, South East Queensland (upcoming)


  • Caroline Springs, Melbourne (current)[23]
  • Craigieburn, Melbourne (current)[24]
  • Edgewater, Melbourne Inner City (current)[25]
  • Lakeside Pakenham, Melbourne (current)[26]
  • Laurimar, Melbourne (current)[27]
  • Atherstone, Melbourne (upcoming)

South Australia

  • Golden Grove, Adelaide (completed)
  • West Lakes, Adelaide (completed)
  • Mawson Lakes, Adelaide (current)[28]
  • Gawler East, Gawler (upcoming)
  • Blakes Crossing, Adelaide (current)[29]

Northern Territory

  • Fairway Waters, Darwin (completed)
  • The Chase, Darwin (completed)

Australian Capital Territory

  • Forde, Canberra (current)[30]
  • Springbank Rise, Canberra (current)[31]

Western Australia

  • Alkimos, Perth (upcoming)[32]
  • Coolbellup, Perth (upcoming)

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