Delfy and His Friends

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Delfy and His Friends
Created by D'Ocon Films
Written by Antoni D'Ocón (idea), Ramón Herrero, Josep Peña
Directed by Antoni D'Ocón
Composer(s) Josep Roig
Country of origin Spain
No. of episodes 91
Running time 23 minutes (approx.)
Original network TVE (Spain)
Sky1 (UK)
Original release 1992 – 1992

Delfy and His Friends (Spanish: Delfy y sus amigos) is a Spanish animated series for children which was produced in 1992 by D'Ocon Films.


The series focuses on Delfy the dolphin and his friends and their underwater adventures throughout the sea when in every episode they are compelled to defend their habitat from the schemes of a greedy eagle, his kangaroo assistant and a group of sharks.




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