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Delhi most commonly refers to:

  • Delhi, a city and union territory of India
  • New Delhi, the capital of India, located in the union territory of Delhi

Delhi may also refer to:


  • Delhi Cantonment, a town in the National Capital Territory of Delhi
  • Delhi Sultanate, an empire that dominated much of India
  • New Delhi, urban area within the metropolis of Delhi which is the seat of the government of India
  • Old Delhi, capital of the Mughals during the Mughal dynasty
  • Delhi Subah, an imperial Mughal province based at (Old) Delhi, renamed Shahjahanbad in 1648
United States
  • Delingha, also known as Delhi, a city in and the seat of the Haixi Mongol and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture

Other uses[edit]

  • Delhi (horse), Thoroughbred racehorse and winner of 1904 Belmont Stakes
  • Delhi: A Novel, a historical work of semi-fiction by Khushwant Singh
  • HMS Delhi, three ships of the Royal Navy
  • Delhi Maru, a Japanese merchant ship, the first to be converted into a Q-ship in 1944.

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