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Delhi College of Arts and Commerce (DCAC)
Type State/Center Government Supported
Established 1987
Location south Campus, University of Delhi, Netaji Nagar, Delhi
Campus Urban
Affiliations University of Delhi

Delhi College of Arts and Commerce also known as (DCAC) is a prestigious instituition of the University of Delhi situated in Netaji Nagar,South Campus.DCAC ranked Top 20(11th) in an all India basis by India Today - AC Nielsen - Org Marg Survey of Colleges published in India Today (May 2017 issue). The Delhi College of Arts & Commerce was the pioneer college to introduce a three-year Honours programme in Journalism in July–August 1989. the reason behind the introduction of this course was that, in the modern world, press and media are important organs of a democratic and free society. Journalism is meant to establish and open communication of information and material available for the benefit of society. The accelerated face of media growth and development has enhanced the need for qualified professionals in the country.[1][2]

The syllabus of the course is designed to equip the students with an intellectual and inter-disciplinary approach essential for the profession. The course aims to strike a balance between the theoretical approach to the field and close interaction with emitnent journalists to enable them to create a foyer in the market of contention.

The curriculum emphasized not only the skills of news writing, reporting and editing but also provides a broad view of the contemporary national and international scenario as well. The learning process also includes festivals, seminars, workshops and conferences on media issues and events to acclimatize the students with the recent trends and dynamics

.Another unique facet is the Rhapsody a quarterly magazine an initiative of the students. Apart from this, students publish a series of in-house tabloids The DCAC post, The DCAC inquirer which are an annual amalgamation of current affairs and campus issues.It is our objective at DCAC to churn out students with an ambition to create a niche for themselves.

To achieve this goal we have the support of the faculty and distinguished experts from the media industry.The Alumni of this college are rising stars in the media world.

Courses offered[edit]

  1. Bachelors in Journalism (Honours)
  2. Bachelors in Commerce (Honours)
  3. Bachelors in Arts (Honours) Economics
  4. Bachelors in Arts (Honours) English
  5. Bachelors in Arts (Honours) History
  6. Bachelors in Arts (Honours) Political Science
  7. Bachelors in Commerce (Programme)
  8. Bachelors in Arts (Programme) with specialization in Advertising,Marketing and Finance.

In addition, the college provides vocational education.

Language courses offered[edit]

  • German
  • French
  • Mandarin
  • Spanish

Noted alumni[edit]


Media and Journalism[edit]

Theatre and Cinema[edit]

Writers, Poets and Artists[edit]


DCAC was the first college of Delhi University to introduce the journalism course. DCAC has been ranked among the Top 20 colleges on an all India basis by India Today - AC Nielsen - Org Marg Survey of Colleges published in India Today (May 2017 issue).

  • Ranking on All India Basis - In Arts 11
  • Ranking in Delhi - In Commerce 06
  • Ranking in DELHI - In Arts 05
  • Ranking in All India- 02
  • Ranking on All India Basis -In commerce 15



The College has an auditorium that is always abuzz with activities. The auditorium plays host to inter college as well as intra college competitions, events, guest lectures, seminars, farewell and fresher celebrations.


The college library is housed on the second floor, above the classrooms. It strives to serve the needs of the faculty and the students. Besides a special section of books dedicated to journalism students, there is also a reading room with all the latest must-reads. The library is fully automated. Students are maintained. As per May 2007 the library has a collection of over 50,000 Books. National dailies and magazines are also available for reading.

Computer Lab[edit]

The Computer Lab houses about 70 Computers with internet facility round the clock. The lab operates during the college timings and helps students to design brochures, newspapers, magazines, posters etc. especially during festivals. The lab is always available for such use. Two separate computer labs in the college which are already equipped with ICT. In addition to this a separate computer lab has been set up for the faculty members. Further to this an IT enabled centre has also been established for the use of faculty and students for interactive lecture

Conference Hall[edit]

The college has an conditioned conference hall which consists of a long conference table with seating arrangement for above 60 students. This hall often plays host to guest lectures by eminent media persons. Mock Press Conferences by the students are also held here, frequent documentary and film screening is also carried


The College canteen is open for students and staff during the college timings. Students spend their free time in between lectures in the canteen. Seating arrangement is also provided outside the canteen. Healthy and delicious food items are provided.

Girls Common Room[edit]

A common room for girls is provided for the benefit of the female students of the college. This room is connected to the stage in the auditorium and functions as a backstage for girls during functions.

N.C.C Room[edit]

A special room is dedicated for the benefit of N.C.C cadets, from where they can avail of sports and other equipment. Records of cadets etc. are maintained and kept in the N.C.C Room.


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