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Delhi Fire Service
दिल्ली अग्निशमन सेवा
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We Serve to Save
Agency overview
Fire chiefDr. G.C. Misra
Facilities and equipment

Delhi Fire Service (DFS) is the state-owned service that attends fire/rescue calls in the National Capital Territory of Delhi in India. The service consists of 61 fire stations and 3616 personnel (3280 firefighters, 289 mechanics), and attends to 22,000 fire and rescue calls on an average every year.[1] The administrative control of The Delhi Fire Service rests with the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi. The average number of fire/rescue calls attended by DFS is much more than any other metropolitan fire services in India.[citation needed]


Delhli is divided into 3 zones with 2 geographical divisions within each:

  • New Delhi Fire Zone - East Division and Central Divisions
  • South Fire Zone - South Division and South West Divisions
  • West Fire Zone - West Division and North West Divisions


  • Director of Fire Services - 1
  • Chief Fire Officer - 4
  • Deputy Chief Fire Officers - 4
  • Divisional Officers - 9
  • Assistant Divisional Officers - 17

The department reports to Principal Home Secretary for the Government of New Delhi.


  • Director
  • Chief Fire Officer
  • Dy. Chief Fire Officer
  • Divisional Officer
  • Assistant Divisional officer
  • Station Officer
  • Sub-Officer & Sub Officers (Drivers)
  • Leading Firemen
  • Fireman & Fire operators

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