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Delhi Food Banking Network is a food bank system based in Delhi, India. Its goal is feeding and providing nutrition that helps break the cycle of poverty with linkages for healthcare, education, livelihoods for an integrated development objective catering to the vulnerable populations of Delhi and the National Capital Region.

The vulnerable populations being serviced by the Delhi FoodBank include feeding programs that serve school programs, charitable hospitals, orphanages, the destitute, beggars, homeless, faith based organisations and many others.

The Foodbank operates by matching food from donors to those that need this the most.[1]

FoodBanking Technology[edit]

The Delhi Food Bank is leveraging mobile technologies through short code services to getfood and givefood.

Technology helps the management solutions for FoodBanking — specifically for process and workflow management — with the ability to adapt for sourcing, procurement, warehousing, delivery, monitoring, evaluation and training.

Through the sourcing process, donors are able to view the products that have been donated and view the inventory of those or despatch information to feeding programs. Historical transaction details are also available for a rapid reporting process. Recipients are able to view the details of donated products to their feeding programs and history of transactions. The warehouse managers are able to efficiently receive, manage the inventory and despatch through the automated processes.

The reporting process at each level of technology workflow enables users to track and generate customised reports based on their requirements. This also helps the monitoring, evaluation and learning by which feeding programs upload information of beneficiaries they have serviced.

India FoodBanking Network[edit]

In India the FoodBanking concept is being pioneered by the India FoodBanking Network to augment ongoing Government and Non Profit feeding programs, with the establishment of the Delhi FoodBank. IFBN acquires donated food in the form of grains, pulses, oil, spices etc. sourced on the basis of community food habits and makes these available through a network of community owned agencies. These institutional feeding programs include school feeding programs, shelter homes, Old age homes substance abuse clinics, after-school programs and cater to various needs.

India FoodBanking Network, of the Food Security Foundation India, is a national level project started under the leadership of Sam Pitroda, Advisor to the Prime Minister for Public Information and Infrastructure and Innovation, with the support of organisations like Cargill India, the DLF Foundation, the Reliance Foundation, the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition and the Global FoodBanking Network, and is implemented and made operational by the Aidmatrix Foundation. IFBN works with a vision to support thousands of existing feeding programs and create a minimum one FoodBank in each district of India by 2020.

The Delhi Food Banking Network is a banking system that feeds, empowers and transforms lives in the New Delhi / NCR Region. We believe that our shared capabilities can make the most basic aspiration of universal access to food a reality. This is through high quality and standards for processes leveraged by technology to get the right aid to the right people at the right time.

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