Delhi Music Academy

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Delhi Music Academy
Industry Music
Founded 2001
Headquarters East Delhi, National Capital Territory of Delhi, India
Key people
Syed Nozrul, Chairman & Executive Director
Website [2]

Delhi Music Academy is a music school in the Indian capital New Delhi training students in both instrumental and vocal music. It teaches both Indian as well as Western classical music.[1]


It was started early in 2001 with musician Syed Nozrul. It consists of a wide range of students learning various forms of music as a hobby and also as a profession.


Syed Nozrul chairman, Director of the Delhi Music Academy is a music graduate from the Delhi University and is Master of Arts in Indian Classical Music.He is also a singer composer and a sound arranger and works in various recording studios in Delhi.


A lot of students join the Delhi Music Academy to learn the basics in music and even to take it as a profession. Generally the students are teenagers to College students.


  • Shreeju student of the Delhi Music Academy appeared in the one of the famous Reality singing shows Indian Idol[2]

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