Deli Yürek: Bumerang Cehennemi

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Deli Yürek: Bumerang Cehennemi
Deli yurek.jpg
Theatrical film poster
Directed by Osman Sınav
Produced by Osman Sınav
Mustafa Şevki Doğan
Written by Osman Sınav
Raci Şaşmaz
Starring Kenan İmirzalıoğlu
Melda Bekcan
Oktay Kaynarca
Selçuk Yöntem
Music by Aria
Cinematography Tevfik Şenol
Release date
7 December 2001
Running time
120 mins
Country Turkey
Language Turkish

Deli Yürek: Bumerang Cehennemi ("Crazy Heart: Boomerang Hell") is a 2001 Turkish action film, written and directed by Osman Sınav. It is spun off from the TV series Deli Yürek.[1]


Yusuf Miroğlu goes with Zeynep to Diyarbakır in southeast Turkey to attend his best friend Cemal's wedding. While performing the traditional halay dance at the wedding, Cemal is killed by an assassin. Cemal's widowed wife Leyla pleads Yusuf to find the people behind the murder and bring them to justice. Yusuf finds himself caught in a struggle against the PKK and other terrorist groups in the area.



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