Delia (clothing)

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For other uses, see Delia (disambiguation).
Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden in Polish 'delia' coat, painting by Merian 1632
Hetman Jan Zamoyski in a crimson delia and blue silk żupan. Right hand holds a hetman's buława.

The delia (Polish pronunciation: [ˈdɛlja]) was an item of male clothing worn over the żupan by szlachta (nobility) of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. It was usually of wool, cotton, or velvet, finished with fur. The typical delia had short, loose, unsewn sleeves and metal buttons over the breast. Like most other items[citation needed] of male Polish national dress, the delia was of eastern origin and the word itself came to Poland in the mid-16th century from Turkey.

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