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Background information
Birth nameDelia Matache
Also known asDelia[1]
Born (1982-02-07) 7 February 1982 (age 37)
Bucharest, Romania
  • singer-songwriter
  • panelist
  • dancer
  • fashion designer
  • TV personality
  • model
  • philanthropist
  • Flute
  • percussion
  • vocals
Years active1999–present
Associated acts

Delia Matache (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈdeli.a maˈtake], born 7 February 1982), known by the stage name of Delia, is a Romanian singer-songwriter, model, dancer, philanthropist, and fashion designer. She started her career in 1999 as a member of the house and Eurodance musical duo N&D with Nicolae Marin, and had released four albums. The duo split in 2003, and Matache began her solo career, releasing four studio albums.[2][3][4]


1982–1999: Early life and education[edit]

"It was so fresh at the beginning... The public was more carried away. Obviously, I had the stage fright because of all those people, and this band was at the start. You can imagine I was astonished when I realized we actually received a good feedback. However, all I could think of was 'this is just a game'."

—Delia, about N&D era and her passion for music[5]

She was born in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. Delia graduated from Dinu Lipatti music high school after five years of piano studies and after-school flute studies, that she continues today to fulfill her studies accomplishments to a more than solid level. She was thoroughly encouraged by her mother Gina to follow her dreams of becoming a star. At some point she stated she could be doing private lessons with "Vița de vie" singers after they have plagiarized one of her early hits. Also Delia has a brother, Eduard, and a sister, Oana.[citation needed]

1999—2003: N&D era and "Vino la mine" madness[edit]

Delia music career started when she was in 11th grade on the duo-band called N&D together with Nick (Marius Nicolae) – basically, a duet; the name of the band they formed in 1999 came from the first letter of their names (Nick & Delia). They have launched 3 albums together (from 1999 to 2002), Altfel ("Different"), Fac ce vreau ("I do what I want") and Nu e vina mea ("It's not my fault"), out of which more than a few songs were smash-hit's "hit-machines" and dominated the charts over the years, including the famous song "Vino la mine" ("Come to me"), that it's still in the vogue today, in every Romanian club. The last CD that Delia released came in 2002, by the name of Nu vreau să te pierd ("I don't wanna lose you") and it has a memorable video with the lift and the underground parking lot.[citation needed]

The year 2003 was a year full of changes for the Romanian's band and for Delia when she left the band. The craziest wave of success attain everybody, and Delia's solo career was proposed without any doubt, and it came with a look change-over, which was more to the fans' liking. This solo career developed to 2007 when she would launch the album Listen up. From the teen who wore rutilant clothes to a femme fatale,[6][7][8] free in her personal life, who was exposed in a lot of tabloids. Her first single was outstanding -"Ce vor de la mine"/"What they want from me", but the big hit was "Parfum de fericire"/"Perfume of Happiness". Every artist who chooses a solo career lose a part of his fans, so, it is not easy to get back to the same popularity point. But Delia acquire millions of admirers when she approached a sexy attitude kept by her till today, and this style fit her like a glove. Proof for this was the song "Sufletul meu"/"My soul",[9] and a recent song "Wuella Wuella".[10]

She released two albums and some of her songs were instant-hits and occupied pole position on local charts and radio stations. For the track listing she worked with Smiley in 2007, they put together the album including songs like "My soul" and "Secret of Mary", from the soundtrack of "Secret of Mary"[9] webcast TV show, that promoted her on every music channel.[11] At the public album launch, Delia had played-back and did not perform live. A different song released by the celebrity was "Ziua ta"/"Your day",[9] with a music video made to measure. The atmosphere was maintained by Connect-R – another local singer and good friend of the artist. The special moment was Delia offering her guests an impromptu duet on the spot with her mother, singer Gina Matache. On this occasion Delia has officially announced her intention to start a working with her mother, for an album in the fall.[12] People from Romania, do not want to buy albums, so Delia resumed the idea of releasing only singles from 2008. Of late, she was more active after the split with Matteo, a local singer. The co-op with him changed Delia's direction in something more appropriate to R&B style.[citation needed]

"I accepted this offer from A.P.A.A, I carry one's heart upon one's sleeve for daws to peck at, when we talk about such problems, and through this song, my hope was to support people with psoriazis, because for them this life is a daily fight, and especially cause' a friend of mine, suffer from a disease like this, and I know very well how hard is. Not few are the moments when she is the most marginalised, or, I don't know.... excluded from a group, and this fact I'm sure it is in common for others psoriazis patients. By this song, I want to assure all of them, that I am next to they, and I impel them to be more rosiers, and to put aside others prejudices, to keep a good table, for their lives, for a normal life. "

—Delia talking about the charity action for A.P.A.A and people with psoriasis[13]

In 2008, she was in a Romanian dance competition, "Dansez pentru tine" (the Romanian version of Dancing With the Stars), with her partner, Ionuț Pavel, and they fought for a dream: the little Raul, a boy without a hand, who needed a prosthesis. They got to the duel fivefold,[14] and then left the competition.[15] In September 2009, Delia achieved 10 points, at Golden Stag Festival for the song "I Will Survive"; a strong voice, style, attitude, these were the ingredients for a night to remember.[16] She also create a stir at Romanian Music Awards 2010, where, along with Christian D, drove men's minds up the wall.[17] Delia, continue to reinvent her style, and enter in the popcorn-dance music, on the radio frequencies with "Dale",[18] "Omadeo",[19]"Wuella Wuella"[10] or "Africana"[20]

"For me all it comes naturally , yes, because I do what I feel is good for people. All the more so .... I wish I make music increasingly good, and I want to show a Delia, which is not the one everybody knows. I believe with all my heart, that through music, I can change this thing, reason that I begin to step off the deep end, and I really care to insert my feelings into my music. "

—Delia talking about the inspiration of her music[21]

X Factor and Delia's new projects[edit]

An important impact in Delia's career was the proposal from Antena 1, to become a coach in the contest show X Factor.[22] On 20 June 2012, was announced that Matache was to be one of three judges of the contest[23][24] The winner was from Cheloo's team, Tudor Turcu, but Delia's competitors also reached the final.[citation needed]

Recently, Delia surprised us with a new collaboration, with a talented actor, TV presenter and judge in the show "România Dansează" ("Romania Dance"), Mihai Bendeac, and they released a single named "Doi în unu" ("Two in One"),[25][26] that gained success in Top 100 in Romania.[citation needed]

Delia has supported a cause more than ticklish: "Ia-mă de mână" ("Take my hand")[27] released in two variants: in English and Romanian, and she is the first Romanian artist to help people with psoriasis; it is the anthem of a campaign deployed by Association of Patients with Autoimmunity Diseases (A.P.A.A),[28] and is for the fight that this people badly off with themselves every day, with the discrimination and with other lesions, with the fear up against others.[6][29]

Since 2016 she is a judge of the comedy TV show iUmor on Antena 1.[30]

She is one of the highest rated stars in Romania and one of the most desired divas.[2][4] Certain local men's magazines offered more than €10,000 for a photoshoot of her getting naked,[31] although, she refused the offer.[citation needed]

In October 2017, Delia released the experimental song "Verde împărat" through Cat Music to universal acclaim from music critics, who though that it expanded her artistry.[citation needed] In the trap-inspired "Acadele" (2018), Delia references the controversy around the LGBT community in Romania and alludes to the 2018 Romanian constitutional referendum regarding the constitutional definition of a family.[32]

Throughout her career, Matache has worked with Valentin Bosioc for fitness and nutrition.[33]


With "N & D"[edit]

Independent Albums[edit]



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