Delice River

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"Cappadox" redirects here. For the fictional character, see Curculio (play).
Delice River
Delice Irmak valey near Yeni Yapan.jpg
Delice River valley near Yeni Yapan, Kırıkkale
Country Turkey
Main source Cappadocia
River mouth Kızılırmak

The Delice River (Turkish: Delice Irmağı), perhaps the ancient Cappadox (Ancient Greek: Καππάδοξ), is the major river of Cappadocia in Anatolia, Turkey. It flows into the Kızılırmak River (Halys) at 40°28′N 34°08′E / 40.47°N 34.14°E / 40.47; 34.14 before flowing into the Black Sea.