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Delight Mobile
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 2011
Headquarters London, England, UK
Area served
United Kingdom
Products Mobile telecommunications products and services
Parent Mundio Mobile Ltd

Delight Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator service based in the United Kingdom. It was launched in July 2011.[1] Delight Mobile is powered by the EE network.


Delight Mobile is a virtual network running on EE. It is owned by Vectone Mobile and seems very similar to the Vectone-branded product.

Signing Up[edit]

Delight mobile post out free SIM cards. The minimum top-up is £5 and you can choose to have credit autotopup when it falls to £2.

The pricing is the same as for Three PAYG - 3p/ min for calls, 2p for text messages and 1p/MB for data. So it is one of the best value PAYG deals available.

However, Three is cheaper when roaming in Europe.

The snag is that unlike with Three, any remaining top-up credit on Delight mobile expires 90 days after it was added, so it is wise to top up with small amounts. Unlike Three, Delightmobile don't seem concerned if you use a PAYG sim in a tablet.

Operating the account[edit]

You register online when the sim card arrives and they text a confirmation code. One thing that is not explained is that you have to enter your new number on the format "4475...." starting with 44, not with 0 or with +

Although there is supposed to be technical support on the website and by phone, in my experience there isn't. Emails are ignored. Technical support messages from the website are ignored. Phoning is hopeless. I waited up to an hour for the call to be answered and the quality was so poor that it was hard to converse.

However, sending a message on their Facebook page was quickly responded to and they fixed the issue for me.

I have not managed to get the Delight mobile voicemail to work at all. Not sure if it works for anyone at all.

Topping up is done on the website, or buying credit at Tesco or at a shop running a PayPoint terminal. You can transfer credit from one Delight Mobile sim to another using the web login of the donor account.

Products and services[edit]


Using the EE network means that the coverage is very good in the UK.

SIM card[edit]

Delight Mobile send out free SIM cards
The customer can get a Delight Mobile SIM card by ordering a starter pack or from shops showing the Delight Mobile sign. The starter pack is free, but the customer will need to top-up to start making calls. It supports all standard 2G and 3G services.

To top-up a Delight Mobile SIM the customer can purchase top-up vouchers from shops displaying the Delight Mobile sign or from one of its top-up partners. Alternatively, they can top-up directly on Delight Mobile's website.


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