Delina Filkins

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Delina Filkins
Born Delina Ecker
May 4, 1815
Stark, New York, U.S
Died December 4, 1928
(aged 113 years, 214 days)
Richfield Springs, New York, U.S
Spouse(s) John Filkins
Children 6
Parent(s) William Ecker

Delina Ecker Filkins (May 4, 1815 – December 4, 1928) was an American supercentenarian who was the first verified person to reach both the ages of 112 and 113.[1][2] Her case was thoroughly investigated in the 1970s and re-investigated in 2005,[3] and found to be fully verifiable.

Early years[edit]

Born in Stark, Herkimer County, New York she went to school until she was 11 and then stayed at home to work, and also spent all her life there, except the last two months of it, within a radius of ten miles. Her father, William Ecker, lived to reach the age of 97 before he died, while her mother lived only to the age of 78.[4]


She married John Filkins in 1834, the couple had six children. Only two of them were living at the time of her death: Frank (72) and Alonzo (86). She died at her grandson's house, having been bedridden for three days prior to her death.[4]

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