Delinquent Habits

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Delinquent Habits
Origin East Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Genres Hip-hop, latin hip hop
Years active 1991–present
Associated acts Sen Dog
Members Ives
Chente Loco
Past members Kemo the Blaxican
O.G. Style

Delinquent Habits (also known as Los Delinquentes and Los Tres Delinquentes) is a hip hop group. Formed in East Los Angeles in 1991, they are known for their Latin-tinged rap, which is both melodic and hardcore. Their first album was executive produced by Cypress Hill member Sen Dog and featured guest appearances by Sen himself as well as Puerto Rican New York City rapper Hurricane G. Their second album, Here Come The Horns, again featured Sen Dog as well as Sen's brother, pioneering Latin rapper Mellow Man Ace. The melodic Merry Go Round featured the female singer Michelle. The group chose to focus more on hardcore rap on their fourth offering, Freedom Band.


Delinquent Habits was originally made up of Kemo The Blaxican, Ives Irie (both MCs) and O.G. Style (a DJ). Thus the group was often called Los Tres Delinquentes (Spanish for "The Three Delinquents"). As a trio, they sold over 1 million copies of their single Tres Delinquentes, published on the RCA label in 1996. They subsequently received a lot of attention from MTV and the media. Their self-titled first album, Delinquent Habits, was executive produced by Sen Dog (of Cypress Hill) and Paul Stewart, and sold almost a million copies. Their second release, Here Come The Horns, was also produced by Sen Dog and Paul Stewart. They have been compared to Cypress Hill. Their third album, Merry Go-Round, was published by ARK 21 Records and sold on the underground "Spanglish network".

Kemo soon left the band after the completion of their album Freedom Band to pursue a solo career with some substantial success. He was replaced by a female vocalist Michelle, who had been previously featured in some of their songs. Around five years later O.G. Style left the band too.

August 2008 former MC Kemo signed a record deal with Ampire Records/ Redrum Recordz for a European release of his second album.

In 2010 the Greek ethnic band Imam Baildi released the song Busca Ritmo in collaboration with Delinquent Habits and MC Yinka. The song was included in Imam Baildi's album Cookbook; vocals performed by Ives Irie and music contains parts of Giorgos Zampetas's song "Ti sou kana ke m'egatelipses".

In 2013, founding members Ives Irie and Kemo The Blaxican decided to reunite. Their first common release since 2003 is set for 2015.


  • Ives Irie, El Guero/Huero Loco (Ivan Martin, MC)
  • Kemo The Blaxican (MC)
  • DJ Invincible (DJ)





  • "Cutie Pie" (Lina Santiago feat. Delinquent Habits) - Feels So Good (1996)
  • "Get High" (Punto Rojo feat. Delinquent Habits)Vibracion Exquisita (1998)
  • "Mexican Hat Rap" (HipHop Connect presents feat. Delinquent Habits)Fade To Black (2004)
  • "Life Plays" (DJ Payback Garcia feat. Delinquent Habits)Brown Life Vol. 2 (2004)
  • "Colaborando" (El Chivo feat. Delinquent Habits)Si Ladran No Muerden (2004)
  • "Every Day" (DJ Payback Garcia feat. Delinquent Habits)Cholos Cholas Y Pistolas (2005)
  • "Yo Quiero" (DJ Payback Garcia feat. Delinquent Habits)Hecho En Aztlan Vol. 2 (2005)
  • "Ninos De La Calle" (DJ Payback Garcia feat. Delinquent Habits)Hecho En Aztlan Vol. 2 (2005)
  • "Push On" (Dyablo presents feat. Delinquent Habits)Sangre Azteca Vol. 1 (2006)
  • "Would You Wanna" (DJ Payback Garcia feat. Delinquent Habits)Aztec Souls Vol. 2 (2006)
  • "Mescalito" (The Superstar DJs feat. Delinquent Habits)Born Originals (2007)
  • "Gläser In D'Luft" (Brandhärd feat. Delinquent Habits)Brandrenalin (2007)
  • "Wolf" (Mundartisten feat. Delinquent Habits)M (2010)
  • "Via Panam" (El Siete feat. Delinquent Habits)Panamericana OST (2010)
  • "Look Your Best" (1FIFTY1 feat. Delinquent Habits)Lyrics Anonymous (2010)

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