Deliverance (rock band)

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Origin Canada, Germany
Genres Rock, pop
Years active 1974–1981
Labels Global Records
Past members Ken Janz
Danny Janz
Paul Janz
Guy Roellinger
Dave McSparran
Herb Rempel
Paul Barnard
Vern Giesbrecht
Doug Virgin
Wayne Quiring

Deliverance was a German-Canadian Christian pop and rock music band that was active in the 1970s until 1981. Danny Janz, Ken Janz, and Paul Janz formed Deliverance in Lörrach, Germany though the three were from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. All three were raised in Basel, Switzerland and attended Black Forest Academy. Danny and Paul Janz had already performed together as "Danny and Paul" but joined with Ken in 1974 to form Deliverance – combining the "Janz Team Singers" with "Danny, Paul & Wayne" and created a dynamic new band. Guy Roellinger and Dave McSparran also joined the band during its history. The band released four albums before Paul Janz embarked on a solo career.

The group had a minor hit in 1979 with "Leaving L.A.", which reached No. 56 on the Billboard Hot 100.

After legal troubles concerning the band's name and a copyright suit the band named itself Janz and recorded a single in 1981 titled Steine which went No. 1 in German Charts. Still they were advised by their attorney not to record a full-length album yet.[1] The band parted shortly after that when Paul Janz left Germany to go back to Canada.



Jahr Titel Verlag
1976 To God Be The Glory Image VII
1977 Give It A Try Blue Rose
1978 Lasting Impressions Global Records
1979 Tightrope Global Records

Releases by related groups[edit]

Jahr Titel Verlag Anmerkung
1971 Ein wunderbares Heil Janz Team Janz Team Singers and Danny & Paul
1971 Reach Out To Jesus Janz Team Janz Team Singers and Danny & Paul
1972 Ohne Jesus Janz Team Janz Team Singers and Danny & Paul
1981 Steine Global Records Janz


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