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The Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Awards are run and moderated by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited. They recognize the 500 fastest-growing technology companies in regions around the world. Winners cover all areas of technology — from Internet to life sciences, from computers to semiconductors[1] — and include both public and private companies.

The awards were created in 1997 during the dotcom boom to illustrate the success of growing U.S. technology companies. Today, the Fast 500 has expanded beyond the United States and covers North America; Asia Pacific; and Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

The Fast 500 examines companies on their relative growth in revenue over a three-year period. A company that grew by $1million from a revenue of $2million will rank below a company that grew by $500,000 from a revenue of $100,000. The Fast 500 seeks to reward companies that have demonstrated cutting edge business strategies, vision and solid management.

The Fast 500 has three main international divisions:

  • Fast 500 EMEA
  • Fast 500 North America
  • Fast 500 Asia Pacific

Fast 500 EMEA[edit]

2017 Winners (Top 10)[edit]

Rank Company Country Five-year revenue growth Sector
1 Deliveroo (Roofoods Limited) United Kingdom 107117% Software
2 Lesara GmbH Germany 71981% Media
3 Guide to Iceland Iceland 30314% Software
4 youAPPi Ltd Israel 16230% Communication
5 Bloom & Wild United Kingdom 13818% Software
6 Yotpo Ltd Israel 8703% Communication
7 s.r.o. Czech Republic 7165% Software
8 Deeper, UAB Lithuania 7048% Hardware
9 Prusa Research s.r.o. Czech Republic 6910% Hardware
10 Fingerprint Cards AB Sweden 6858% Software

2016 Winners (Top 10)[edit]

Rank Company Country Five-year revenue growth Sector
1 Fingerprint Cards Sweden 28126% Software
2 Bilgikent Bilişim A.Ş Turkey 16015% Hardware
3 Codewise Poland 13052% Software
4 Auka Norway 11487% Software
5 Horizontal Software France 8339% Software
6 Brain Labs Digital United Kingdom 8255% Media
7 Magisto Israel 8119% Media
8 Chauffeur-Prive France 7020% Software
9 Wikifolio Financial Technologies Austria 7001% Hardware
10 GoCardless United Kingdom 6661% Software

2015 Winners (Top 10)[edit]

Rank Company Country Five-year revenue growth Sector
1 Catawiki Netherlands 45080% Media
2 iZettle AB Sweden 30114% Software
3 Zerto Israel 24088% Software
4 WorldRemit, Ltd. United Kingdom 20385% Software
5 Taboola Israel 13797% Media
6 Skyscape Cloud Services Ltd United Kingdom 13391% Media
7 Secret Escapes United Kingdom 7818% Media
8 Clean Marine As Norway 7260% Clean Technology
9 Grove Solutions Ltd United Kingdom 6649% Communications
10 Etrinell AS Norway 6033% Software

2014 Winners[edit]

For 2014, France remained the most represented country, marking the 4th consecutive year. The United Kingdom trailed France, followed by Sweden. Israeli companies comprised five of the top ten companies on the list. The software sector represented 42% of the overall rankings on this year’s EMEA Fast 500, followed by the Internet sector with 21%. Rounding out the sector list was Telecommunications/Networking (13%), Semiconductors/Components/Electronics (7%), Biotech/Pharmaceutical/Medical Equipment (7%), Greentech (5%), Media/Entertainment (3%), and Computers/Peripherals (2%). A full listing of the 2014 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) winners can be found online.[2][3]

Top 10 Winners

Rank Company Country Five-year revenue growth Sector
1 Weezevent France 43202% Media/Entertainment
2 Taboola Israel 42048% Internet
3 Superfish Israel 37102% Internet
4 Valens Israel 33244% Semiconductor, Components and Electronics
5 Goodgame Studios / Altigi GmbH Germany 28327% Internet
6 Widespace Sweden 27930% Software
7 Hiro-Media Israel 22219% Internet
8 Celeno Communications Israel 17773% Semiconductor, Components and Electronics
9 CeGaT GmbH Germany 15897% Biotech/Pharmaceutical/Medical Equipment
10 Dolphin Group ASA Norway 14331% Software

2013 Winners[edit]

The Technology Fast 500 EMEA Winners 2013 had an overall average revenue growth rate of 1,403%, a slight decrease from the 1,549% growth rate for 2012. Leading the list, the software sector represented 43% of the overall rankings on this year’s EMEA Fast 500, followed by the Internet sector with 22%. A full listing of the 2013 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) winners can be found here.[4]

Top 10 Winners[4]

Rank Company Country Five-year revenue growth Sector
1 Groupe Ymagis France 59096% Media/Entertainment
2 MyThings Israel 23205% Internet
3 Adyen The Netherlands 14284% Software
4 Beepsend AB Sweden 12407% Telecommunications /Networking
5 Trusteer Israel 11240% Software
6 Infectious Media United Kingdom 9774% Media/Entertainment
7 Talentsoft France 9457% Software
8 1001teknoloji Turkey 9444% Telecommunications/ Networking
9 Vector Turkey 9188% Telecommunications/ Networking
10 MyHeritage Israel 9041% Internet

2012 Winners (Top 10)[edit]

Rank Company Country Five-year revenue growth Sector
1 Criteo France 202100% Internet
2 ZBD UK 17910% Semiconductor, Components & Electronics
3 SRL Romania 17323% Internet
4 The Netherlands 16155% Telecommunications/ Networking
5 Elkotek Ìletişim Turkey 13880% Telecommunications/ Networking
6 Tektronik Turkey 11368% Software
7 Deezer France 10455% Internet
8 ExoClick Spain 9571% Internet
9 Midsummer AB Sweden 8109% Greentech
10 Sewan Communications France 7833% Telecommunications/ Networking


1st MX Telecom IT related services 57,940% growth United Kingdom
2nd Q-Cells AG Other 33,019% growth Germany
3rd TomTom N.V. Software 29,519% growth Netherlands
4th Komdat GmbH Internet 27,865% growth Germany
5th Wintegra Semiconductor/equipment 22,422% growth Israel

Fast 500 North America[edit]

Top 10 Winners: 2013[edit]

Rank Company City, State Revenue Growth (2008 to 2012) Sector
1 Rocket Fuel Redwood City, CA 208,897 percent Software
2 Acquia Burlington, MA 84,171 percent Software
3 MeetMe New Hope, PA 83,209 percent Internet
4 Fusion-io Salt Lake City, UT 55,355 percent Semiconductor
5 OpenX Pasadena, CA 44,076 percent Software
6 FireEye Milpitas, CA 36,667 percent Communications/ Networking
7 HeartWare Inc. Framingham, MA 33,310 percent Medical Devices
8 Boston Heart Diagnostics Framingham, MA 32,031 percent Biotech/Pharma
9 MaxPoint Morrisville, NC 31,723 percent Internet
10 BioDelivery Sciences International, Inc. Raleigh, NC 20,639 percent Biotech/Pharma

Top 10 Winners: 2011[edit]

Top 10 Winners: 2010[edit]

1st Hughes Communications Communications/Networking 164,079% growth MD
2nd Affymax Biotech/Pharma 155,169% growth CA
3rd Insulet Corp. Sci/Technical Instr 131,964% growth MA
4th Ener1 Clean Tech 57,900% growth NY
5th BioCryst Pharmaceuticals Biotech/Pharma 48,972% growth AL

Top 10 Winners: 2009[edit]

1st ReachLocal Internet 146,050% growth CA
2nd Infinera Communications/Networking 86,580% growth CA
3rd Affymax Biotech/Pharma 54,768% growth CA
4th Hughes Communications Communications/Networking 49,988% growth MD
5th Entropic Communications Semiconductor 40,691% growth CA

Fast 500 Asia Pacific[edit]


406th Fulcrum Worldwide[6] Software 88% growth Maharashtra, India


81st OrbitRemit[7] Internet 397% growth Wellington, New Zealand
297th BizCover Pty Ltd[7] Internet 110% growth NSW, Australia


12th BizCover Pty Ltd[8] Internet 249.9% growth NSW, Australia


3rd BizCover Pty Ltd[9] Internet 792.03% growth NSW, Australia


1st E-TON Solar Tech 8,350% growth Taiwan
2nd Mobitek Communication Corporation 7,104% growth Taiwan
3rd Unwired Group Limited 6,846% growth Australia
4th Mirror Image Access (Australia) Pty. Limited 6,672% growth Australia
5th Customers Limited 5,021% growth Australia

Deloitte Technology Fast 50[edit]

The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Awards, created in 1995, is a subset of the Fast 500 and represents an inner circle of winners. The Fast 50 award is made at regional[10] or country level in a number of geographies around the world.

North America[edit]


1st Donuts Inc. Communications/networking 59093% growth Washington
2nd ClassPass Inc. Software 46556% growth New York
3rd Toast Software 31250% growth Massachusetts
4th Aratana Therapeutics, Inc. Biotechnology/pharmaceutical 31242% growth Kansas
5th Theravance Biopharma US, Inc. Biotechnology/pharmaceutical 21426% growth California
6th Liftoff Software 16981% growth California
7th SalesLoft Software 13759 % growth Georgia
8th ShipHawk Software 13638% growth California
9th Software 13323% growth Washington
10th Cylance Inc. Software 13057% growth California

Central Europe[edit]


1st Codewise Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. IT & Digital Solutions 13052% growth Poland
2nd CodiLime Sp. z o.o. IT & Digital Solutions 5038% growth Poland
3rd DataSpring s.r.o. IT & Digital Solutions 3129% growth Czech Republic
4th JUMP soft a.s. IT & Digital Solutions 1965% growth Slovakia
5th NSoft d.o.o. Mostar IT & Digital Solutions 1760% growth Bosnia and Herzegovina
6th ZOOT a.s. Internet, Media & Telecom 1557% growth Czech Republic
7th MUSOFT.CZ s.r.o IT & Digital Solutions 1352% growth Czech Republic
8th Miquido IT & Digital Solutions 1214% growth Poland
9th High Tech Engineering Center IT & Digital Solutions 1109% growth Serbia
10th INNOVATIX Kft. IT & Digital Solutions 1070% growth Hungary



1st Switch Concepts Ltd Internet 10,477% growth South East
2nd Equal Experts UK Ltd Software 4429% growth London
3rd Mubaloo Software 4404% growth South West
4th Avecto Software 3892% growth North West
5th Briefyourmarket Software 3821% growth Midlands
6th ElasticHosts Internet 3787% growth London
7th Agenor Technology Software 3582% growth Scotland
8th Peerius Internet 3067% growth London
9th Internet 3035% growth London
10th Cambrionix Ltd[14] Electronics 2989% growth Cambridgeshire & East

New Zealand[edit]


1st New Zealand Honey Co 994% growth Dunedin
2nd MedRecruit 856% growth Queenstown
3rd NextWindow 828% growth Auckland
4th Telesmart 725% growth Wellington
5th Roadcraft 705% growth Auckland


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