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Temporal range: 28–0 Ma
Oligocene to Recent[1]
Porpoise touching.jpg
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Artiodactyla
Clade: Delphinida
Superfamily: Delphinoidea
Flower 1865

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Delphinoidea is the largest group of toothed whales with 66 genera in 6 families. The largest living member of the superfamily is the killer whale, which can reach 6 tonnes, while the smallest, Commerson's Dolphin, is also the smallest living cetacean.


Superfamily Delphinoidea

Family †Albireonidae
Genus Albireo
Family Delphinidae
Subfamily Delphininae
Genus Delphinus
Genus Lagenodelphis
Genus Sousa
Genus Stenella(syn. Clymenia, Micropia, Fretidelphis, Prodelphinus)
Genus Tursiops
Subfamily Lissodelphininae
Genus Cephalorhynchus(syn. Eutropia)
Genus Lissodelphis(syn. Tursio, Leucorhamphus)
Subfamily Orcininae
Genus †Arimidelphis
Genus Feresa
Genus Globicephala (syn. Sphaerocephalus, Globiceps, Globicephalus)
Genus Grampus (syn. Grampidelphis, Grayius)
Genus †Hemisyntrachelus
Genus Orcaella
Genus Orcinus (syn. Orca, Ophysia, Gladiator)
Genus Peponocephala
Genus Pseudorca (syn. Neorca)
Subfamily Stenoninae
Genus †Astadelphis
Genus Sotalia (syn. Tucuxa)
Genus Steno (syn. Glyphidelphis, Stenopontistes)
Subfamily incertae sedis
Genus †Anacharsis
Genus †Australodelphis
Genus Lagenorhynchus (syn. Electra, Sagmatias)
Family †Kentriodontidae
Subfamily Kentriodontinae
Genus Belonodelphis
Genus Delphinodon
Genus Incacetus
Genus Kentriodon (syn. Grypolithax)
Genus Macrokentriodon
Genus Microphocaena
Genus Rudicetus
Genus Tagicetus
Subfamily Lophocetinae
Genus Hadrodelphis
Genus Liolithax
Genus Lophocetus
Subfamily Pithanodelphininae
Genus Atocetus
Genus Leptodelphis
Genus Pithanodelphis
Genus Sophianacetus (syn. Mediocris)
Subfamily incertae sedis
Genus Sarmatodelphis
Genus Kampholophos
Family Monodontidae
Subfamily Delphinapterinae
Genus Delphinapterus
Genus † Denebola
Subfamily Monodontinae
Genus Monodon
Family † Odobenocetopsidae
Genus Odobenocetops
Family Phocoenidae
Subfamily Phocoeninae
Genus †Australithax
Genus †Lomacetus
Genus †Loxolithax
Genus Neophocaena
Genus Phocoena
Subfamily Phocoeninae
Genus Phocoenoides
Genus †Piscolithax (syn. Piscorhynchus)
Genus †Salumiphocaena
Subfamily incertae sedis
Genus †Haborophocoena
Genus †Numataphocoena
Genus †Septemriocetus
Familia incertae sedis
Genus †Delphinavus
Genus †Graamocetus
Genus †Lamprolithax
Genus †Miodelphis
Genus †Nannolithax
Genus †Oedolithax
Genus †Oligodelphis
Genus †Palaeophocaena
Genus †Platylithax
Genus †Protodelphinus
Genus †Sinanodelphis