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Developer(s)Robert Krzeminski, Rico Kathke, Sven Moldenhauer
Initial release2007
Stable release
7.0 / 1 August 2015; 3 years ago (2015-08-01)
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows
PlatformMicrosoft Outlook, Outlook Express
Available inEnglish, German, Spanish
TypeBrowser security

Delphish is a software product that protects the user's data. It is a free anti-phishing extension for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, integrated as a toolbar.

Delphish enables the user to check any suspicious e-mails for their author and country of origin. It detects any hidden links, informs the user of the origin and the operator of the linked web sites, and analyzes the entire e-mail.

Delphish has been created and developed by the team that made the better-known SaferSurf, another piece of computer security software, from Nutzwerk, an internet technologies software company headquartered in Leipzig.


Delphish provides various features:

  • Checking e-mails: In the first step, suspicious e-mails are compared with known phishing e-mails. If there is no match, the next step is a risk evaluation of all the links found in the e-mail.
  • Status display: The Delphish toolbar shows whether the selected e-mail has already been checked and how it was classified by Delphish.
  • Trash: An e-mail recognized as phishing is moved to a separate folder in order to prevent the user from accidentally following the links inside it.
  • Settings: It is here that the user can change the language, enter a proxy server or control the status display.
  • Statistics: Useful data on e-mails. For example, the user can see the top ten domains that have been sending phishing e-mails to them.
  • Geolocation: Geodata are detected for every e-mail link and displayed as a flag so that the user can see the country of the server behind the link.
  • WHOIS: Information about the domain's owners, administrators and the date of registration are presented to the user for every tested link.


The screen shown when Delphish suspects phishing.

Delphish was released in 2007 to positive reviews.

Ghacks said: "You can use Delphish as a first layer of defense against phishing but should make sure that you are able to analyze the mails by yourself as well."[1]

Computerwoche wrote: "Although Delphish is not an all-inclusive package for anti-phishing protection, it turns out to be a useful and informative tool."[2]

IT SecCity commented: "The user himself can estimate the danger from each link now, since he obtains detailed information on each link, such as its actual target, type, popularity, age, domain owners etc." [3]

Online PC said: "[Delphish] provides the advantages of automatic recognition and raises the user's awareness of safe and responsible use of e-mails."[4]


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