Dilshad Khatun

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Dilshad Khatun, also Delshad Khatun (دلشاد خاتون), was a member of the Chobanid family during the mid-fourteenth century. She was the daughter of Demasq Kaja and a granddaughter of Coban.

Dilshad Khatun was introduced to the Ilkhan Abu Sa’id’s harem by her aunt Baghdad Khatun; according to contemporary reports, Baghdad Khatun grew jealous of her popularity with the Ilkhan, and organized his murder. Before his death, Abu Sa'id impregnated Dilshad Khatun. During the upheaval that followe Abu Sa'id's death, Dilshad Khatun fled to the governor of Baghdad, ‘Ali Padshah, who used this as a pretext for rebelling against and defeating the Ilkhan Arpa Ke'un. After the Jalayirid Hasan Buzurg defeated 'Ali Padshah, he married Dilshad Khatun, who had recently given birth to Abu Sa'id's child, a daughter. She thereafter gave birth to Shaikh Awais Jalayir, who eventually succeeded Hasan Buzurg as Jalayirid ruler.

The word Dilshad meaning good hearted in Persian language.