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Delta commonly refers to:

  • Delta (letter) (Δ or δ), a letter of the Greek alphabet
  • D (letter), called "Delta" in the NATO phonetic alphabet
  • Delta Air Lines, an American airline
    • Delta Connection, a regional airline brand name for Delta Air Lines
    • Delta Express, a former no-frills brand owned and operated by Delta Air Lines from 1996 to 2003
    • Delta Shuttle, the brand name for Delta Air Lines' hourly air shuttle services
  • River delta, a landform at the mouth of a river

Delta or deltas may also refer to:



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Other music[edit]

  • alt-J (∆), British indie band
  • Delta blues, one of the earliest styles of blues music
  • "Delta", a song by Crosby, Stills & Nash from Daylight Again David Crosby 1982

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Science and technology[edit]


  • Δ (delta) vs. Λ (lambda) isomers to indicate right vs. left handed propeller twists in coordination complexes
  • δ (delta) convention for designating allenes and other cumulated dienes in rings named according to a non-cumulated parent structure.
  • Double bond isomers, for example in fatty acids, cloprostenol, Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol


  • Delta (computer), a Russian ZX Spectrum clone
  • Delta encoding, a technique in computer communications and version control
  • Delta timing, a technique used in iterative processes to keep track of time and prevent lag

Earth sciences[edit]


Medicine and biology[edit]

  • Delta (ligand), an activator of the Notch signaling pathway
  • DELTA (taxonomy), a data format used in taxonomy for recording descriptions of living things
  • Delta (wasp), Old World genus of potter wasps
  • Delta wave, the frequency band of brain activity between 1 and 4 hertz; on an ECG, the slurred upstroke of the QRS complex which is characteristic of Wolff–Parkinson–White syndrome



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