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Delta 4
Industry Video game industry
Fate Defunct
Founded 1985
Founder Fergus McNeill
Headquarters U.K.

Delta 4 was a British software developer created by Fergus McNeill, writing and publishing interactive fiction.[1]

Delta 4 designed games between 1984 and 1992. Some were self-published, others were released by CRL Group, Piranha, Silversoft or On-line. Delta 4 were also credited with providing the code for Jonathan Nash's tape magazine YS2 which was given away free with Your Sinclair magazine and published by Future Publishing.


Delta 4 was formed by McNeill with a few friends whilst still at school. Their debut text adventure games were the Dragonstar trilogy (" Classic Adventure but without the interesting bits."[1]) and two Holy Joystick comedy adventures, self-published in 1984. Gilsoft's The Quill was the design software.

Their first critical success was Bored of the Rings, inspired by the Harvard Lampoon novel of the same name.[1] Published in 1985, it received a Sinclair User Classic award.[2] They also published Robin of Sherlock.

Games developed[edit]


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