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Delta Corporation
Public company
Traded as ZSEDLTA
Industry Beverages
Founded 1946
Headquarters Harare
Key people
R. H. M. Maunsell,T.N Sibanda and P. Gowero, Executive Directors
P.Gowero Chief Executive Officer
Canaan DubeChairman of the Board
Products Beer, soft drinks

The Delta Corporation is a beer and soft drink company of Zimbabwe. The company is headquartered in Harare and is listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and its stock index, the Zimbabwe Industrial Index.


Delta began in 1946 as a company named "Rhodesian Breweries Limited". Its origins go back even further, to 1898, the year of the founding of the country's first beer brewery on Cameron Street in the city of Salisbury, which today is Harare.


Delta's brand names include:

Cultural sponsorship

Production sites[edit]

Delta has two lager breweries, one in Southerton in Harare and Belmont in Bulawayo.[1]

There are 14 Sorghum breweries across Zimbabwe to produce Chibuku which has a short shelf-life and consequently needs to be produced closer to the market.[2] Additional investments were of USD 12 million made at the Chibuku brewery in Chitungwiza, to increase annual production to 1,8 million hectoliters.[3]

A maltings plant was built in Kwe-kwe to produce barley malt from locally grown barley. A smaller sorghum maltings plant in Harare was taken over from the municipality to produce sorghum malt for the Chibuku brand.


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