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Delta Express
IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded 1996
Ceased operations 2003 (replaced by Song)
Hubs Orlando International Airport
Focus cities
Frequent-flyer program SkyMiles
Airport lounge Crown Room Club
Alliance SkyTeam
Destinations 20
Parent company Delta Air Lines Inc.
Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia

Delta Express was a no-frills "airline within an airline" brand owned and operated by Delta Air Lines from 1996 to 2003. The airline was headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.[1]

Delta Express was based out of Orlando International Airport, and focused on leisure routes between Florida and the northeast United States, as well as certain parts of the Midwest. It primarily competed with low-cost brands such as Continental Lite and US Airways' MetroJet, and low-cost carriers such as Southwest Airlines and in the final years of its operation, JetBlue Airways.

The Delta Express aircraft fleet only consisted of the Boeing 737-200, in an all coach class configuration. No in-flight entertainment or meal service was offered.

In 2003, Delta Express was replaced by Song, a new low-fare brand that Delta introduced, which has since also been dismantled.[2]


Delta Express Boeing 737 (2001)

Delta Express first livery was the 1970s "Widget" livery like its parent airline Delta Air Lines but with minor changes; it had the Delta Express titles and its logo on the forward fuselage. In 1998, the company changed the livery to one with dark blue and red on the tip of the tail with the word Delta on it and changed the cheat line with dark blue with red on the tip of the nose. The Delta Express titles and logo were kept the same except the Express title was red and different font. The final livery had red, dark blue, and light blue on the tail and the Express titles covered the whole fuselage but with the Delta and its logo was shrunk in the forward fuselage.

Delta Express promoted the Cartoon Network animated television series The Powerpuff Girls by having a Boeing 737-200 jet painted with a special livery featuring the characters Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup on the exterior.[3] The plane's inaugural flight was held at Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts, on July 17, 2000.[4] In 2002 the aircraft was repainted with a different Powerpuff Girls theme to promote The Powerpuff Girls Movie.[5]


Delta Express flew to as many as 31 domestic destinations in 18 states which included Albany, Providence, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Hartford, Allentown, St Louis, Milwaukee, Austin, Oklahoma City, Cleveland, Boston, Detroit, New York (JFK, LGA & EWR) to cities like Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Fort Myers, and Fort Lauderdale.

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