Delta Force: Angel Falls

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Delta Force: Angel Falls
Delta Force Angel Falls alpha cover.jpg
The promotional cover for the game's alpha phase
SeriesDelta Force Edit this on Wikidata
Genre(s)First-person shooter, action

Delta Force: Angel Falls is the title of a first-person shooter game by NovaLogic originally announced in 2008,[1] now generally regarded as vaporware.[2]


Angel Falls screenshot.

The latest addition to the Delta Force game series was to be set in the north-west region of Central America as well as South America,[3] explaining the subtitle Angel Falls. According to a user who reportedly telephoned NovaLogic in April 2008, the game was being developed on a completely new engine code named HammerHead, at the time comparable to the Crysis engine. Other features were explained such as the ability to change terrains on the fly and being able to pilot both ground and airborne vehicles.[4]

The NovaLogic DF: AF product page is no longer online, but a hidden page requesting Alpha testers is still available.[5] The technical information has not changed since its original upload in November 2011, although certain tester selection criteria were edited out in May 2012.

Licensing issues[edit]

NovaLogic announced that they had terminated their license agreement with European publisher MTR Soft, due to the concern of them using the title's license agreement to obtain additional funds.[6]


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