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Delta Groove Productions
Founded2004 (2004)
FounderRandy Chortkoff
Country of originUnited States
LocationVan Nuys, California

Delta Groove Productions is an American blues record label in Van Nuys, California, United States. The label was founded by Randy Chortkoff, a producer, concert promoter, and harmonica player.

Chortkoff died in May 2015 while awaiting a liver transplant and sentencing on multiple criminal felony fraud charges, including cheating investors of over $1,400,000 in a phony movie investment scam. In 2016, Chortkoff's co-defendant Sam Braslau was sentenced to seven years in federal prison in Lompoc, California. Co-defendant Stuart Rawitt previously pled guilty and was sentenced to five years in federal prison. Both co-defendants were ordered by the US Court to pay restitution of $1,600,000. In February 2017, the Chortkoff Estate was ordered by the US Court to pay $153,400 in disgorgement and $12,615 in prejudgment interest in the civil matter with the SEC.[citation needed]

The label's first release was That Represent Man (2004), the debut album by The Mannish Boys.

Overview and history[edit]

The label started with blues by musicians from Los Angeles. Then it expanded to other genres. Jackie Payne Steve Edmonson Band's Master of the Game released in 2006 was the label's first release in soul/R&B. The label's releases are newly recorded materials for the most part, but it has also released some albums that were produced by Chortkoff as independent productions and released by the German record label CrossCut. (Kirk Fletcher's Shade of Blue and Frank "Paris Slim" Goldwasser's bluju)

Apart from its own releases, Delta Groove Productions produced Roy Gaines' The First TB Album, released by Blackgold in 2003.

In 2007, Delta Groove started a new record label, Eclecto Groove Records, as a home and showcase for other musical styles. In June, 2007, Chortkoff hired industry veteran Robert Fitzpatrick (who died in 2010) to become president of Delta Groove Music and Eclecto Groove Records.[1]



Date No. Artist Title Remarks
November 16, 2004 DGPCD100 The Mannish Boys That Represent Man
November 16, 2004 DGPCD101 Kirk Fletcher Shades of Blue CrossCut reissue
March 22, 2005 DGPCD102 Hollywood Blue Flames Soul Sanctuary
March 22, 2005 DGPCD103 Mitch Kashmar Nickels & Dimes
July 19, 2005 DGPCD104 Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers For The Chosen Who
November 15, 2005 DGPCD105 The Mannish Boys Live & In Demand
February 21, 2006 DGPCD106 John Long Lost & Found
June 20, 2006 DGPCD107 Hollywood Blue Flames Road To Rio / Larger Than Life
June 20, 2006 DGPCD108 Lynwood Slim Last Call
September 19, 2006 DGPCD109 Mitch Kashmar Wake Up & Worry
October 17, 2006 DGPCD110 Jackie Payne Steve Edmonson Band Master of the Game
November 21, 2006 DGPCD111 Phantom Blues Band Out of the Shadows
November 1, 2006 DGPCD112 Various Artists Road Tested V.1
February 20, 2007 DGPCD114 Frank "Paris Slim" Goldwasser bluju CrossCut reissue
February 20, 2007 DGPCD115 Phillip Walker Going Back Home
May 22, 2007 DGPCD116 The Mannish Boys Big Plans
August 21, 2007 DGPCD117 The Insomniacs Left Coast Blues
August 21, 2007 DGPCD118 Rod Piazza & MFBQ ThrillVille
2007 DGPCD119 Phantom Blues Band Footprints
2008 DGPCD120 Sean Costello We Can Get Together
2008 DGPCD121 Legendary Rhythm & Blues Revue Command Performance
June 17, 2008 DGPCD122 The Mannish Boys Lowdown Feelin'
July 22, 2008 DGPCD123 Jackie Payne Steve Edmonson Band Overnight Sensation
2008 DGPCD124 Bill Sims Jr. & Mark LaVoie American Blues Roots Duo Digital download only
August 19, 2008 DGPCD125 Los Fabulocos featuring Kid Ramos Los Fabulocos
September 23, 2008 DGPCD126 Elvin Bishop The Blues Roll On
October 21, 2008 DGPCD127 Cedric Burnside & Lightnin' Malcolm 2 Man Wrecking Crew
November 18, 2008 DGPCD128 Mitch Kashmar Live at Labatt
February 17, 2009 DGPCD129 Bobby Jones - featuring The Mannish Boys Comin' Back Hard
2009 DGPCD130 The Insomniacs At Least I'm Not With You
2009 DGPCD133 Candye Kane Superhero
2009 DGPCD135 Arthur Adams Stomp the Floor
2010 DGPCD136 Hollywood Blues Flames Deep in America
2010 DGPCD137 The Mannish Boys Shake For Me
2010 DGPCD138 Elvin Bishop Red Dog Speakes
2010 DGPCD139 Bob Corritore and Friends Harmonica Blues
2010 DGPCD142 Los Fabulocos Featuring Kid Ramos Dos
2011 DGPCD143 Tracy Nelson Victim of the Blues
2011 DGPCD144 Elvin Bishop Raisin' Hell Revue
2011 DGPCD145 Shawn Pittman Edge of the World
2011 DGPCD147 Rod Piazza & the Mighty Flyers Almighty Dollar
2011 DGPCD148 Candye Kane Sister Vagabond
2011 DGPCD149 Big Pete Choice Cuts
2012 DGPCD150 Tail Dragger Jones and Bob Corritore Longtime Friends in the Blues[5]
2011 DGPCD151 Nathan James & The Rhythm Scratchers What You Make of It
2012 DGPCD152 R.J. Mischo Make It Good[6]
2012 DGPCD153 The Mannish Boys Double Dynamite
2012 DGPCD154 The Blues Broads Live
2012 DGPCD155 Smokin' Joe Kubek & Bnois King Close to the Bone
2013 DGPCD159 John Primer and Bob Corritore Knockin' Around These Blues
2013 DGPCD161 Sugar Ray Rayford Dangerous
2013 DGPCD162 Smokin' Joe Kubek & Bnois King Road Dog's Life
2014 DGPCD163 Bob Corritore Taboo
2014 DGPCD164 The Terry Hanck Band and Friends Gotta Bring It On Home to You
2014 DGPCD165 The Mannish Boys Wrapped Up and Ready
2014 DGPCD166 Andy T - Nick Nixon Band Livin' It Up
2015 DGPCD167 Igor Prado Way Down South
2015 DGPCD169 Henry Gray, Bob Corritore The Henry Gray/Bob Corritore Sessions Vol.1 Blues Won't Let Me Take My Rest
2015 DGPCD171 Anthony Geraci And The Boston Blues All-Stars Fifty Shades of Blue
May 2016 DGPCD173 John Long Stand Your Ground[7]


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