Delta Octantis

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Delta Octantis
Observation data
Epoch       Equinox
Constellation Octans
Right ascension 14h 26m 55.74s
Declination −83° 40′ 04.3″
Apparent magnitude (V) 4.31
Absolute magnitude (V) −0.35 ± 0.09[1]
Distance 279 ly
(85.6 pc)
Spectral type K2III
Other designations
HD 124882, HIP 70638

Delta Octantis has the distinction of being Saturn's southern pole star.[2] It has 1.2 times the mass of the Sun and about 25 times the Sun's radius. This star is about 4.3 billion years old; which is similar to that of the Sun.[1]


In Chinese caused by adaptation of the European southern hemisphere constellations into the Chinese system, 異雀 (Yì Què), meaning Exotic Bird, refers to an asterism consisting of δ Octantis, ζ Apodis, ι Apodis, β Apodis, γ Apodis, δ1 Apodis, η Apodis, α Apodis and ε Apodis. Consequently, δ Octantis itself is known as 異雀五 (Yì Què wǔ, English: the Fifth Star of Exotic Bird.)[3]


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