National APIA Panhellenic Association

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National APIA Panhellenic Association
Established 2006
Members 14
Continent North America
Country United States
Organization type Coalition of Members

The National APIA Panhellenic Association (or NAPA, formerly known as the National Asian Greek Council) is an association of collegiate fraternities and sororities that was formally organized in 2006, although it began in 2005.

The founding organizations officially chartered the National APIA Panhellenic Association on August 12, 2006. The purpose of the association is to create an umbrella organization that can unite Asian Fraternities and Sororities onto common causes and facilitate communication between the various organizations.


NAPA members with Gary Locke, former governor of Washington State.

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Executive Board[edit]

NAPA's Board of Presidents in a meeting session.

Note: Positions on the Executive Board not listed here includes the Board of Presidents and the Advisory Board.[2]


The members of the National Asian Pacific Islander American Panhellenic Association are shown below in alphabetical order.[3]

Official Members Frat/
Date/Place Founded Year
alpha Kappa Delta Phi S February 7, 1990; 27 years ago (1990-02-07)
University of California, Berkeley
2006 46 53
Alpha Phi Gamma S February 1, 1994; 23 years ago (1994-02-01)
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
2006 11 15
Beta Chi Theta F June 2, 1999; 18 years ago (1999-06-02)
University of California, Los Angeles
2014 19 26
Chi Sigma Tau [1] F September 9, 1999; 17 years ago (1999-09-09)
University of Illinois at Chicago
2012 6 7
Delta Epsilon Psi F October 1, 1998; 18 years ago (1998-10-01)
University of Texas at Austin
2016 34
Delta Kappa Delta S October 1, 1999; 17 years ago (1999-10-01)
Texas A&M University
2006 7 11
Delta Phi Lambda [2] S December 5, 1998; 18 years ago (1998-12-05)
University of Georgia
2006 15 18
Delta Phi Omega S December 6, 1998; 18 years ago (1998-12-06)
University of Houston
2016 48
Delta Sigma Iota [3] F August 15, 2000; 16 years ago (2000-08-15)
Pennsylvania State University
2016 8
Iota Nu Delta F February 7, 1994; 23 years ago (1994-02-07)
Binghamton University
2016 28
Kappa Phi Gamma S November 8, 1998; 18 years ago (1998-11-08)
University of Texas at Austin
Kappa Phi Lambda S March 9, 1995; 22 years ago (1995-03-09)
Binghamton University
2006 28 32
Lambda Phi Epsilon F February 25, 1981; 36 years ago (1981-02-25)
University of California, Los Angeles
2010 40 63
Pi Alpha Phi F February 1, 1929; 88 years ago (1929-02-01)
University of California at Berkeley
2006 20 25
Pi Delta Psi F February 20, 1994; 23 years ago (1994-02-20)
Binghamton University
2006 28 30
Sigma Beta Rho F August 16, 1996; 20 years ago (1996-08-16)
University of Pennsylvania
2006 34 54
Sigma Psi Zeta S March 23, 1994; 23 years ago (1994-03-23)
University at Albany, SUNY
2006 22 32
Sigma Sigma Rho [4] S December 10, 1998; 18 years ago (1998-12-10)
St. John's University (New York City)
2013 6 19


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