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Delta Private Jets[1]
Delta Private Jets Logo.png
IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded 1984
Hubs Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
Fleet size 68
Headquarters Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
Boone County, Kentucky, United States

Delta Private Jets, Inc.[2] is an American airline. Its corporate headquarters is on the property of Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport in Boone County, Kentucky.[3] It operates jet aircraft as a subsidiary of Delta Air Lines. Its main base is Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.[4]


The airline was founded as Comair Jet Express. It was renamed in October 2001 by parent company Delta Air Lines. It is wholly owned by Delta Air Lines.[4]

Delta Private Jets is a private aircraft service, which is at aimed at businesses needing service to destinations on a private aircraft or that the airport does not supply on a regular basis. Delta Private Jet is also available to Elite SkyMile members for an upgrade purchase price of $300–800 on select routes from Delta's Cincinnati, Atlanta, and New York hubs. In addition, this service allows travelers to avoid flying hassles such as security.[5]

Delta Private Jets headquarters is located at 82 Comair Boulevard building, which used to be the Comair headquarters and was called the Comair General Office Building.[6][7]


Delta Private Jets Card holders receive SkyMiles Diamond Medallion tier status. They also receive regular commercial flight ticket discounts.[8]


The Delta Private Jets fleet includes the following aircraft (at February 2017):[4]


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